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Marine and Offshore Industries needs a sophisticated approach for all activities. SEAKEY MARINE guarantees 100% client’s satisfaction! 

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Chartering & Marine Vessels

SEAKEY MARINE LTD has access to a wide availability of diverse and specialized types of vessels which cater to every requirement of our clients. The comprehensive list of owners and managers that we represent ensures superb quality service as standard for our clients. This is additionally backed by our strong international network of competent and experienced professionals

Facilities Protection

SEAKEY MARINE LTD. specialists use various surveillance, monitoring and detection techniques to protect the clients’ facilities from threats wherever they may come from.

We Deliver!

As part of our services we can reactivate laid-up ships and can arrange for ships of all types and sizes to be delivered anywhere in the world. Our specialization is in delivering old ships to demo-yards in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China, and we are also experienced in transporting second hand ships from their port of origin to the new buyer’s trading area. Additionally we can recover and salvage vessels if required.

SEAKEY MARINE LTD performs numerous heavy lift operations, in particular for clients in the energy sector. We are responsible for vetting the vessels, supervising the loading and discharging of critical cargoes, and ensuring their safe delivery to site.

We offer you smooth and cost-effective dry docking services. With the help of our pre-docking inspections you can plan overhaul needs, spare parts and personnel. Our service engineer support is at your service during the docking, from supervisory tasks to complete project management. Regular pre-docking inspections provide insight into the scope of maintenance required

Oil and gas is a major industry supporting the global economy as oil and gas still remain the primary sources of energy for industrialized and developing economies of the world. Unsurprisingly, the oil and gas industry is one of the most attractive targets for growing global terrorism and maritime piracy. While the threat of terrorism and sabotage attacks are across the supply chain of the oil and gas industry – from oil wells, transportation to refineries, the threat of piracy primarily concerns the oil tanker industry.

As part of our bid to ensure the safety transitions of vessels to and from Nigeria waters, Seakey Marine Limited now offers Security Escort Services with armed Navy personnel to escort tankers from secure zone in international waters, to loading terminals in Nigeria and back to secure zone in international waters.

Our service is at a very reasonable cost, with well-disciplined Navy officers and a specially trained crew to ensure the seamless discharge of our service.

Field operations require risk assessment and development of practical security measurements to mitigate risks. This process requires identification of potential risks, establishment of boundaries, evaluation of consequences and generation of prevention and business recovery plans.
Our specialists are implementing the threat and risk analysis plan basing on understanding of the types of threats faced by offshore installations including knowledge of various threat groups, the dangers they represent, their goals, intentions, offshore capabilities, opportunities, past attacks and interferences with offshore installations and possible future actions.

We're The Pace Setter

We apply cutting edge technical approach to all our operations, and going the extra miles to exceed our client expectations on job delivery and excellence to service.

Professional Security Solutions

Offshore Industry needs a sophisticated approach for security and our specialists are ready to provide effective security solutions for your strategic resources, such as:

Oilfield Service Containers & Offshore Cargo Carrying Units (CCU's)

SEAKEY MARINE LTD. renders the services of dynamic and high-quality containerized solution for offshore/onshore oil and gas industries worldwide. We deliver a full range of offshore Cargo Carrying Unit (CCU’s), all designed, built, inspected and certified according to DNV 2.7-1/EN12079

Grievance Mechanism Procedures

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SEAKEY MARINE Control Centre

Our control Centre is the infrastructure where data is fused, events correlated and warnings issued. It identifies offshore and onshore objects, detects targets, analyses threats, gives warnings and alarms, and provides navigation assistance, logistics support and incident with intervention management.